Are you aware of any person or entity ripping-off (defrauding) the United States or California government?

Are you an “original source of the information?” That is, do you have direct and independent knowledge of the fraud, as compared with it coming from other sources such as public documents?

If so, you may be able to bring a whistleblowing, or false claims lawsuit, on behalf of the government who is being defrauded, which can potentially bring you significant, and sometimes a whopping monetary recovery in the millions of dollars.

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The United States and California governments are motivated to pay out if money is recovered from the wrongdoer, as it allows the government to recover money owing to it. Shockingly, it has been estimated that almost 10% of the annual budget is paid to companies or persons who are defrauding the government.

Various types of false claims can include: health care fraud such as from hospitals and clinical labs; pharmaceutical companies; Medicare; Medicaid; defense contractors; education grants; part suppliers; emergency relief programs; housing programs; environmental programs; public benefit programs; suppliers to the government, etc.

Examples of false claim acts include, but are not limited to: billing for services never provided or overbilling for services; submitting false or fraudulent claims to be paid by the government; creating or delivering false or fraudulent receipts to the government for its property; incorrect or double billing; marking a higher payment code than should be; rendering services without medical need; untrained, unsupervised or unlicensed personnel providing services which require same; holding government property with the intent to conceal it from the government; kickbacks; fraudulently buying property of the government from someone not authorized to sell that property; deliberately avoiding paying a debt to the government or avoiding delivering property to the government; conspiring with some person or entity to submit a false or fraudulent claim, etc.

Additionally, there may be valid false claim actions where there was not an intent to defraud the government, but where there was a deliberate disregarding of actions that resulted in the government being defrauded.

If you are aware of any fraudulent or false claim being made to the government, and you have original, direct and independent information, time counts, contact us immediately!

By the way, it is against the law for your employer to retaliate against you because of reporting fraudulent conduct.

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