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You pay no legal fees unless you get a monetary recovery. We always remember that we work for you.

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Our team has been together for 30 years. We are respected by judges, attorneys and insurance companies.

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How to Choose an Attorney

The attorney and staff you select are crucial to you because they are the ones that fight for you. Your attorney has to have the skills and experience to be highly persuasive with the insurance adjusters with the money, attorneys on the other side and judges and juries.

Winning Experience

You want to ask the attorney you are considering to represent you how much experience they have, their personal results on the cases they have handled, if they have successfully tried cases in front of juries, and if they have significant experience handling your type of case.

Friendly and Knowledgable

You must determine how friendly and cordial the attorney and staff is towards you because you will be interacting closely them throughout your case. You may be interested to know that our friendly and knowledgeable staff has successfully been working together for 25 years.

Free Consultation

You want an attorney that will give you a free consultation.

No Monetary Recovery, No Fee

You want an attorney that believes in you and your case.

  • Thank you, Mr. Krasney…Now our daughter can rest in peace.

    —E.L., Parents of Wrongful Death Victim
  • Thanks to the amazing compensation Robert Krasney got for us in the car accident, we were able to buy our dream house. We are naming a wing, "The Krasney Wing."

    —J.R., Car Accident Victim
  • When I first came to you for my sexual harassment case, I couldn’t stop crying, but you believed me when no one else did and fought like a gladiator for me. I now feel strong and empowered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    —S.C., Sexual Harassment Victim
  • Mr. Krasney and his legal assistants have always been so friendly, caring and smart and got me an amazing result. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

    —L.R., Serious Injury Victim

Call now for your free and friendly consultation. You'll be happy you did.