Sexual harassment can be devastating to your financial security and mental and physical health. You don’t have to put up with it!

Sexual harassment takes many forms. It can be anything from dirty talk, inappropriate e-mails or texts to uninvited physical touching. It can be offering a job promotion in exchange for sexual favors, to writing up, demoting and even firing the employee for not giving in.

Retaliation for refusing sexual advances, or as a result of complaining about the harassment, is also actionable. If sexual harassment is proven against your supervisor or certain other officers, directors, manager or agents of the company, the company is liable for their actions, even if the company did not know about the sexual harassment. If an equal level co-worker sexually harasses you and the company learns about it and if the sexual harassment continues then the employer will also be liable to you. The sexual harasser, as an individual, is responsible even if the company was not aware of the sexual harassment.

You can usually count on the sexual harasser and employer to deny it, and have the company support them, so it is a good idea to secure and save any type of evidence that would show inappropriate behavior as well as outside phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses. Employers should be advised of the sexual harassment, and the offensive details should be given. You are urged to speak with us at all times so that we can help get it stopped.

But no matter what stage the sexual harassment is at, give us an immediate call for a free and confidential consultation. Time is often of the essence.

When we take a case, we take it to win.

We know how many symptoms the victims of sexual harassment can suffer, including: nightmares, stomach problems, crying spells, fear, depression, anxiety, not wanting to go out, feelings of helplessness and powerlessness, etc. You don't deserve to live like this.

As you probably know, the sexual harasser and management of your employer can be very vindictive and retaliatory. It is not uncommon for the sexual harasser and employer to lie about the truth of what happened to you, for their own benefit and defense. But you don't have to take that. You need a tough, knowledgeable and experienced attorney with a proven track record of success fighting for you, and you need that now. You need a law firm that has handled and won, including by trial and binding arbitration sexual harassment cases.

You pay us no legal fees unless you get a monetary recovery.

We are respected by judges, attorneys and insurance companies.

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