It is hard to imagine anything worse than being paralyzed.

Paralysis can take various forms including quadriplegia which results in the partial or total loss of all limbs and the torso, and paraplegia which is similar but the arms are not affected. The loss from paralysis is usually both in sensation and control. Additional impairments from paralysis can include loss or impairment of the bowel and bladder, breathing difficulties which may cause the need to be on a ventilator, sexual dysfunction, breathing dysfunction, and others. There is also a greatly increased susceptibility to fractures, spasticity, pressure sores, osteoporosis, deep vein thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory complications and infections, etc.

Surgery, rehabilitation and therapy is usually necessary and paralysis will likely require life-long medical care and regular assistance which can include a full-time nurse. Various machines and devices will be necessary and the expenses and costs can be astronomical. The victim more than likely will not be able to work and earn income.

Paralysis can be devastating to the individual and the entire family.

If paralysis or other serious spinal injuries have occurred as a result of the negligence of another person, company or product then contact us immediately.

We seek full monetary recovery for our clients including past, present and future medical care, hospitalization, rehabilitation, home care, machines and devices, physical pain and suffering and emotional distress, loss of activities and enjoyment of life and loss of earnings and earnings capacity. The amount of these damages can be in the many millions of dollars.

The type of full monetary recovery that we seek for our bone paralysis victim clients can include:

  • Medical expenses, therapy and care: past, present and future.
  • Loss of earnings: past present and future.
  • Pain and suffering: past, present and future.
  • Emotional distress: past, present and future.
  • Loss of activities and enjoyment of life

Also, punitive damages, meant to punish the party at fault, may be sought, depending on the circumstances.

If the paralysis victim is married, the spouse may have a claim for loss of consortium, that is, loss of love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, moral support and sexual relations (or the ability to have children).

When we take a case, we take it to win.

Very often there is insurance covering negligence and it has been said that without an attorney fighting for you insurance companies will do their best to take advantage of you. They may try to fight over whose fault the incident is, say your medical bills are outrageous and not recoverable, deny loss of earnings and try not to give money for pain and suffering and diminishment of your life style. Let’s face it, the insurance companies are not in the business of giving away money. They have trained claims adjusters and attorneys trying to pay nothing, or as little as possible.

Let us help.

Representing paralysis victims require sensitively knowing the victim so that the profound change can best be demonstrated, and may include videos and other proof showing what a typical day in the life of the victim is now. This is powerful evidence.

A skilled and experienced attorney with a proven track record of success is what you need, and what you need now. You need a law firm that has handled numerous cases and won, including by jury trial.

You pay no legal fees unless you get a monetary recovery.

We are respected by judges, attorneys and insurance companies.

Put us in your corner. Let us show you what we can do for you. Let us speak for you. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your decision.

We invite your call for a free and friendly consultation.